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The #pernatsi campaign raised:


worth of donation promises for a more gender equal, democratic and diverse Finland!

Through this page, a total of 9,396 persons pledged to donate and the page got more than 20,000 shares on Facebook. The average donated sum was 0.13 euros per nazi.

The police estimated the number of participants in the Nordic Resistance Movement’s (NRM) march to be 180 nazis. Each marching nazi therefore raised 1223.94 euros for a good cause.

Our thanks to all who participated! You will soon receive the donation instructions by email. In the message, we have collected suggestions for organisations who do important work and who have a valid fundraising permit.

The person donating can choose from one of the organisations we list, or another organisation working for gender equality, human rights and diversity in Finland that can accept donations.

Let us hope that in 364 days, when Finland celebrates 100 years of independence, we will not have to demonstrate against marches by the extreme right in a similar way.

What is this about?

On 6 December, Finland’s 99th Independence Day, an unprecedented number of protests by the extreme right were expected in Helsinki.

Among others, the openly national socialistic (nazi) Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) organised a march from Hakaniemi to Kaisaniemi and the participants joined the 612 torchlight procession later the same evening. NRM had also planned to, for the first time, bring members of its Swedish wing to march on Finland’s 99th Independence Day.

In September, the Finnish branch of NRM – the Finnish Resistance Movement (SVL) – were very visible after Jimi Karttunen, who had been attacked by a member of SVL in connection with a protest at the Central Railway Station in Helsinki, died in hospital. The police suspects that the SVL member caused grievous bodily harm and criminally negligent manslaughter.

The nazis of the Nordica Resistance Movement and the other extreme right groups who are organising marches on Independence Day try to appropriate patriotism and the Independence Day for their own, undemocratic purposes.

For the majority of Finns, independence means a society which is equal, democratic and diverse. With the help of this website, everyone who opposes fascists and the extreme right had a chance to express their support for an equal and diverse Finland.

Through this website, we collected donations for organisations working to promote gender equality, human rights and diversity in Finland.

The campaign aimed to urge members of the extreme right to stay home, since by attending the march they would contribute to donating funds to organisations working for equality, human rights and diversity. Also small donations are important.

On 7 December, after the police have confirmed their estimate of the number of people who attended the march, will send each supporter an email with the final donation sum and recipients to whom the donation could be targeted. The final choice of the recipient for the donation is made by the person who is donating. The website does not in itself fundraise nor will any money pass through the site.

All the listed organisations carry out long-term work to promote gender equality, equality and diversity in Finland on many levels.

The campaign organisers have decided to work anonymously as they feel the campaign might be a potential safety risk.